🏦illumineX Fund

illumineX is proud to announce the establishment of an Ecosystem Fund, dedicated to supporting a range of community-driven initiatives. These include, but are not confined to:

  • Development Initiatives: The fund will finance the creation of new features, as determined by the community's votes. This empowers users to actively shape the evolution of the illumineX platform.

  • Grants Initiatives: The fund will sponsor and reward community members who have made significant contributions to the growth and impact of the illumineX ecosystem. This initiative recognizes and celebrates the valuable efforts of our community members.

  • Liquidity Initiatives: The fund will play a role in providing liquidity for specific pairs, as decided by the community's collective voice. Furthermore, it will oversee the distribution of rewards to the illumineX community, thereby incentivizing and fostering active participation.

These initiatives exemplify our commitment to nurturing a vibrant and engaged community, ensuring that the illumineX ecosystem continues to flourish and thrive.

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