📈Boosted Farming & Staking Rewards

The farming incentives can be boosted through time-locking, the boosts are based on multipliers of lockup period. $IX token emissions will be emitted and rewards are claimable at anytime regardless of lockup period set.

Where can I find farms and APR?

You can find all current farms by going to the pools page and by default you will see that “view all farms” is toggled and shows all current farms are the current APR. Note: APR is subject to change and is dynamic.

Lockup periods

The lockup periods are as follows:

  • No lockup, can withdraw at any time

  • 1 Month lockup

  • 3 Months lockup

  • 6 Months lockup

  • 9 Months lockup

  • 12 Months lockup

How to Withdraw Rewards

Rewards can be withdrawn at any moment, by going to the pool’s overview page and then clicking on the “Farm” button. This button is not present for those pairs that have no farm rewards.

After that, you will see your current $IX rewards that can be harvested by clicking “Harvest Rewards”.

How t Farm / Stake and manage unlocks

To begin farming, we first have to add liquidity, by providing a balanced deposit of this pool, e.g ROSE <> USDT. We have covered how to add liquidity here.

Note: If you are staking $IX, no liquidity has to be added as it’s single side staking!

If you are an experienced user, you may just directly navigate to the pool’s page and click on “Deposit” button and add liquidity. Once you have added liquidity, we are ready to proceed to the next step as you now have LP tokens. 1. With the LP tokens, you can now click on the “Farm” button on the pool’s overview page and the LP token is automatically selected for you, all you have to do is specify; - The amount of LP/$IX tokens to deposit - The lockup period Once you have done that, you can proceed by clicking the “Deposit” button and you will be see a popup by your EVM wallet. If this is your first time depositing, you will be asked to first approve the token and then do the actual deposit, you can continue by clicking “Confirm” in your EVM wallet for the 2 transactions (approve & deposit). On this same page, you have the ability to also unlock/withdraw your time-locked positions if the time duration has passed. You can do so by clicking on the “Unlock” tab and you will see a list of all your different positions for this specific farm. Alternatively, you can also see your positions from here. This page is specifically built to show all your positions such standard liquidity positions, farms and staked positions.

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