• 9% to the Private Sale, with 40% distributed upfront on TGE, and 60% vested over 4 months

  • 2.25% used for initial liquidity (Protocol Owned Liquidity)

  • 8.4% to the Public Sale, with 60% distributed upfront on TGE, and 40% vested over 6 months

$IX has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens with more than 40% burnt

  • 3% emitted for Liquidity Mining over the next 12 months. 37% of the emissions been burnt

  • 15% allocated to the Core Contributors, 1 month cliff and vested linearly over 2 years

  • 11.6% allocated to the illumineX Fund (2 month cliff, and thereafter vesting terms agreed with the recipient on an individual basis)

  • 5% allocated to Advisors, 1-month cliff and vested over 2 years

  • 6% reserved for Community Growth, 1-month cliff and vested over 1 year. Has been burnt

  • 2.75% reserved for the airdrop to eligible community members (pre-minted in a multisig). It is not enough to participate in the testnet to be eligible for it.

Emissions Schedule

The $IX supply will be released over a total of 5 years as per the below graphic. At launch, the circulating supply is 10.9% of the total supply.

Private & Public Sale

The Public Sale will offer 8.4% and the Private Sale 9% of the total $IX supply. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

The proceeds from both sales combined will be used as follows:

  • 20% will immediately at launch be paired with the 2.25% of supply that was reserved for Protocol Owned Liquidity

  • 80% will go towards the Treasury to fund operations and the Core Contributors

Liquidity mining program

Liquidity providers in the genesis pools as well as $IX stakers will be eligible for the illumineX Liquidity Mining program.

The emissions will be distributed over 25 months following the launch of the protocol, before illumineX fully migrates to the liquidity aggregation.


We have reserved 2.75% of the supply for an airdrop to eligible illumineX community members.

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