Token Utility


$IX can be staked in order to earn yield and to participate in the illumineX Referral Program

Please Note: Unstaking $IX tokens is subject to a vesting period

illumineX Referral Program

As an incentive for users to onboard new participants to the illumineX protocol, users will be able to earn via the illumineX Referral Program.

To enter into the referral program, token holders must first stake their $IX tokens. Each user will be able to generate their own unique referral link that they can share with others. When new participants start using illumineX via the referral link, the referrer will earn a share of all protocol earnings that can be attributed to the referred user.

The referrer’s earnings will depend on the number of tokens staked. Please see the Referral Dashboard when connecting your wallet to illumineX Protocol for more information about referral tiers and expected rewards.

The minimum number of tokens required to be staked in order to participate are 100 $IX.

Deflationary Mechanism

In addition to the hard cap set on $IX, we also implemented a buyback & burn mechanism in order to reduce the total supply.

A share of the protocol earnings is dedicated to buying back and burning $IX tokens to ensure a continuous buying pressure.

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